Premodern Radicalisms / Radical Premodernisms

Issue 130 cover

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This issue of Radical History Review investigates, interrogates, and reimagines the intersection between modern and premodern history in order to seek a rapprochement between our often presentist political and cultural agendas and the history of the premodern past.

Eleftheria Pappa problematizes recent archaeological practices that establish economic and cultural hierarchies while denying the ethical dimensions of archaeological work.

Reflections on the Premodern
Saygın Salgırlı revisits Ottoman architectural practices in the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. Carina L. Johnson and Catherine Molineux look for the traces of extra-European subjects in the European archives. Alejandra B. Osorio reexamines the relationships among centers of power in the Spanish Habsburg Empire.

The Premodern and the Modern
Kazumi Hasegawa examines how the Japanese state appropriated the premodern past to promote its imperial ambitions. Wendy Matsumura explores the ways in which the premodern past, often in a dehistoricized form, is mobilized to legitimize modern identities and ideologies.

Teaching Radical History
Carolyn Vieira-Martinez discusses how she engages students in the histories of premodern Africa by mapping linguistic groups over time.