Fascism and Anti-fascism since 1945

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This issue of the Radical History Review offers histories of fascism and antifascism after 1945 to interrogate the ways that fascist ideology continues to circulate and be opposed transnationally despite its supposed death at the end of the Second World War.

Antonino Scalia integrates anti-imperialism into the conversation about antifascism through an analysis of Italian Communist internationalism in the 1960s while Michael Staudenmaier explores the use of fascism in the construction of the Latino/a/x Left in the 1970s. Rosa Hamilton turns to the London Gay Liberation Front in the 1970s and Cole Rizki to post-dictatorship Argentina and the transhistorical alliance between Las Madres and trevestí activism. Benjamin Bland explores the idea of global fascism through the British radical right’s attempted alliance with Qathafi’s Libya.

Stuart Schrader reviews recent works on antifascism, punk music, and Rock Against Racism.

Vivian Shaw explores cultures of antifa in contemporary Japan.

Teaching Radical History
Giulia Riccó discusses teaching fascism through fiction in the age of Trump.

Curated Spaces
Jan Descartes, Michele Hardesty, Jen Hoyer, Maggie Schreiner, and Brooke Shuman of the Interference Archive collective share material and reflect on the practices of archiving and displaying antifascist objects to various publics.

 Cover Caption: Street art in reaction to the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act, Kochi, Kerala, December 2019. Published with permission of the photographer who prefers to remain anonymous.