Reconsidering Gender, Violence, and the State

Issue 126 cover

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Reconsidering Gender, Violence and the State Reassessing conflicting narratives of victimization, subjection, retaliation and self-defense, this issue of Radical History Review reconsiders the inter-relationships among gender, violence and the state.

Features Jen Manion analyzes incidents of violence against female prisoners in penitentiaries in early nineteenth-century New York State.  Tomoko Seto explores press coverage of anarchist women during the “Red Flag” incident of 1908 in late Meiji Japan.  Josh Cerretti examines the ways that invocations of threats to women and children informed the US government’s rationales for military intervention abroad and military-style suppression at home at the turn of the twenty-first century.

Anti-violence Activism and the State Catherine Jacquet, Raphael Ginsberg, and Xhercis Méndez reconsider the efficacy of state solutions to gendered violence in the recent and contemporary US context, highlighting alternatives posited by radical feminist and queer activists.

Ways of Seeing and Knowing Violence In five case studies drawn from archives around the globe, Carla Tsampiras, Deana Heath, Jessie Kindig, Benjamin Lawrance, and Jennifer Yeager and Jonathan Culleton examine the archive as a site of knowledge production, focusing on its role in shaping current understandings of gender, violence and the state, and its lasting imprint on future quests for restitution or reconciliation.

Visual Essay Claudia Salamanca and artist Luis Morán showcase artistic reproductions of discredited photographs, used by the Colombian military to justify a campaign against alleged militant rebels, to highlight the intersection between such “evidence” and state violence.

Curated Spaces Efeoghene Igor examines the work of South African photographer Zanele Muholi, revealing the ways her work both problematizes and resists oppressive readings of anti-lesbian violence in post-apartheid South Africa.