Unpacking Tourism

Issue 129 cover

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This issue of Radical History Review explores tourism as a critical way of producing knowledge about the “other” and interrogates underlying systems of power that shape that knowledge production.

Subaltern Sightseeing
Julio Capó Jr. and Katrina Phillips address the ways subaltern groups have engaged with tourism as both the sightseers and the sightseen.

Diplomacy on Display
Mark Rice, Scott Laderman, and Rustem Ertug Altinay analyze the connections between foreign diplomacy and tourism in the twentieth century, using case studies of American relations with Peru, the Philippines, and Turkey.

Tourist Traps
Ryvka Barnard examines tourism in the contested space of Bethlehem’s Manger Square, and Max Holleran investigates the “devil’s bargain” Spain made regarding its coveted beach property.

Reflections: Touring American Pasts and Presents
Rebecca J. Kinney and Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez walk the reader through two different tourist experiences, Detroit and Pearl Harbor / Puuloa, reflecting on the tensions extant in reconciling diverse meanings and symbolisms represented in the same place.

Kim Cary Warren reviews four monographs that highlight how challenging it has been for the American South to reform its image to visitors.